Proud to say I’ve been training Kirby for the last six months, Kirby is a fitness instructor herself who has wanted to better her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Since that time I have educated her diet so that she can get the most out of her training and achieve her desired physique. I recently helped her prep for a fitness photoshoot to help promote her business and I can safely say her results speak for themselves.

Just shows what you can do if you put your mind to it and dedicate the time and effort to achieve the results you want!

Kirby Young, Fitness Instructor

So in October I started a 10 week transformation programme with Jon Morton and here are his results and a little testimonial he wrote for me regarding the training and programme I put him through.

“After having two major operations on my arm in two years I started training with Dave to correct some weaknesses, increase mobility in the arm and lose some fat.
The nutrition and training advice on a day to say basis has been invaluable and our 1-1 sessions over ten weeks has achieved my goals and more through structured training and plans around the iniury. The training has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, improved my weaknesses and enabled me to achieve far more than I expected inside such a short time period.”

The results speak for themselves and as you can see there is a massive difference in body composition, posture and overall well being. Jon has managed to drop 6kg of weight whilst increasing his strength from Bench 100kg, Squat 125kg Dead 140kg to Bench 120kg, Squat 140kg and Dead 170kg Jon has been a pleasure to work with and I’ve now provided him with the tools to continue his fitness journey forward.

”Just want to take this opportunity to thank Dave Marsh for training me for the last 6 months, pushing me and telling me I can get the body I want. For the first time in a long time. I’m satisfied. I can’t thank DM Fitness enough’

Fair to say some incredible results from seriously dedicated training and diet. Leah has been a pleasure to work with and has listened to the advice and knowledge I have provided her to help her achieve a fantastic physique for her portfolio.

Leah cooke, Nurse & Pirelli Grid Girl

Honestly, I couldn’t rate Dave any higher- he’s amazing!
I’ve been training with him since Easter and have noticed a big difference in my fitness, body shape ( my legs are actually shrinking!) but most importantly, my mindset.
I never think I can do it, always moan about what he wants me to do…but Dave is so good at motivating me and encouraging me, that I feel fab at the end and a bit shaky too!
He’s full of facts, figures and nutrition tips – which I find really helpful and is so enthusiastic about everything it really rubs off on you!
Thanks Dave, super trainer

Robbie Weeks,