Training and nutrition go hand in hand. You can’t out train a bad diet which is why here at DM Fitness all clients receive nutritional advise alongside there training.
Each client is different and during the initial consultation a thorough nutritional questionnaire will be completed to tailor an advised diet plan to suit your nutritional needs.

Continued support and education on food types, macronutrients and soma-types will be provided throughout your experience with DM Fitness to make sure that not only are you reaching your goals that you have a full understanding of why you are doing what you are doing.

11224854_673234319445371_7083076100127864603_nBored of salad? Try mixing things up with this high protein low carb lunch that will set you up for the afternoon and build some serious muscle!
Smoked Salmon and ricotta salad with beetroot spinach and rocket salad with multi seed crisp bread.

Simple ingredients combined to give you a lunch you’ll enjoy eating and keep hunger at bay throughout the afternoon!

Keep things interesting and enjoyable healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore but a lifestyle.