About Dave

Dave is a level 5 Sports therapist and Personal trainer. Dave has 5 years experience in the fitness industry working with a variety of cliental from sports related training to rehabilitation. With a passion for rugby and background in the sport Dave has developed training techniques to improve strength, mobility and athleticism. Whilst on his own fitness journey he’s gained substantial knowledge on nutrition, injury prevention and mindfulness which shines through with each and every client he works with.


Up until secondary school I wasn’t really into sport or fitness, I was more focused on my studies and computer games. This inactive lifestyle led me to become overweight. When I reached secondary school my tutor persuaded me to get involved in the rugby team where I found my achilles heel. My enjoyment for the game inspired me to improve my fitness so that I could perform better. I started my own fitness journey, educating myself on how to become stronger, fitter and a better athlete. At 15 I played district level rugby, represented the county and was also selected to play for the south west of England. I then got chosen to become part of the Gloucester rugby academy to better my skills. Unfortunately, my rugby didn’t lead to a professional career but my passion for fitness and training continued. This inspired me to pursue a career in sports science.

Combining a regular exercise regime with a balanced and controlled diet will ensure that the weight you lose will be from a reduction in body fat percentage. A good personal trainer will ensure that you perform exercises correctly, that is to say safely and to maximum effect. When performing exercises, form is all important.